Is the Automotive industry really behind the rest when it comes to Social Media?

This week we will analyse how well the Automotive sector in UK performs on Facebook in terms of Fan Growth, Engagement and Content distribution. The analysis is run on 12 brand pages and data refer to December 2013 as the period.



Community growth:

  • Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz and Ford are the 3 pages that have experienced the largest growth in terms of new fans aquisition.
  • the performance of the top 3 pages has been 2-3 times better than the average +5%

Content distribution:

  • all 12 pages published a total of 411 posts
  • in the previous month (November 2013) the total posts published were 492, +16.5%
  • the most popular Post type was Photo with 353 posts representing 86% of all content published