How to boost your blog’s SEO

How to boost your blog's SEO


I am truly pleased to have the opportunity to write a post as a guest blogger on the completely renovated Allin1social’s blog. And I wanted to share a really simple blog SEO technique: how to boost SEO by commenting on blogs.

Here’s the thing: when it comes to SEO it seems we are always searching new and avant-garde techniques to help us improve our site’s ranking and organic positioning. But sometimes SEO can be easier than we think it is, and to do things naturally can really make a difference.

Commenting on other blog posts can be a powerful SEO strategy. In fact, Google’s Web Spam leader Matt Cutts has always made clear that as long as commenting on blogs isn’t the only technique we use for link building purposes, but a normal way of natural positioning as bloggers, it is indeed an acceptable alternative for improving SEO.

Don’t worry about calling Google’s attention: this SEO strategy of commenting on other blogs posts won’t cost you a penalty if done following Google Webmaster guidelines. According to them, it is completely ok to comment on relevant blogs and posts related to ours. Besides, it is allowed to post a link to our own blog, if the linked post provides valuable information to the one we’re commenting on. Here’s a piece of advice: when commenting on other blogs, do not leave keywords. That could be considered by Googlebot as spam and a black hat SEO technique and it is worth a penalty. So as long as you comment on blogs posts in a natural way, this is a great and easy way to improve our personal branding and blog positioning.

Watch out though. If your SEO technique is only based on commenting on other blogs, but no one is commenting on yours… Start getting worried: Google may figure out your intentions and SEO strategy.


How to comment on blogs to improve SEO


1. Search for blogs in your niche. In my case, my niche is clear: digital, ecommerce and social media blogs. And because I started this SEO technique without any strategy, but just in a natural way to interact with other bloggers, Google hasn’t penalized my site at all. Then I realised how powerful this SEO technique can be. Focus on finding similar blogs to yours and comment only on those posts you can add valuable opinions and information on, by leaving a link to one of your related posts. My recommendation is to start commenting on other blogs to give your personal and professional opinion about an issue you master. Improve your personal branding by helping out or even by asking questions if you have doubts, to make your own blog better. Sometimes you might leave a link, sometimes you won’t need it. Your niche’s colleagues will already know you and visit your blog naturally. That’s the point, not just trick Google to position your blog higher.


2. Search for higher authority blogs. Let’s take a step forward. Once you have been naturally commenting on blogs related to the topics you write about, let’s do it also on those blogs that already have a higher authority for Google. Thinking just in terms of SEO, it is much better to comment on blogs with higher authority and higher position on Google than in blogs that are smaller than yours. So go for those and think big! That external link from the comment to any of your blog posts will boost your SEO.


3. Search for your niche’s lists. In addition to improving your blog SEO by commenting on other blogs, this technique will also give you good reputation among other bloggers within your field. Listing blogs or specific posts to read, Twitter users to follow or experts on certain topics, is a very successful post type bloggers like to write no matter the niche. We all love these sorts of posts and we all know how good they work for readers and how shareable they are. So be sure your strategy of commenting on blogs is also focused on becoming part of these lists.


4. Use commenting as a social network. Never be a spammer on other blogs, but always give your opinion or recognition when a post is good or even mistaken. Comment on blogs with a reason. And as social media is a great source for networking, commenting on blogs can also be a great way to interact and share opinions. For example Disqus can be considered as so – it is also a commenting tool for blogs.


5. Don’t over-do it or Google will know. As simple as it is. Google is a super intelligent engine that can find out your black hat intentions even before you, so be careful and use these techniques in a natural way. Try not to annoy Google.


Now that you know this, don’t you think this is a great chance to start boosting your blog SEO and leave a comment below? Do you normally use this technique as part of your SEO strategy? Does it work for you or has Google penalized your site? Let’s start a conversation about it!


Cristina Hontanilla is a digital journalist and marketer specialized in online communication and content creation for social media. She helps B2B companies and SMEs to gain awareness through attractive and useful content on social media and other media. You can read more on her blog and follow her current project on Digital Spa helps non-Spanish companies to get the first-in-class bilingual digital freelancers to reach the Hispanic world.

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A brand new Allin1Social


Allin1Social New Website and Logo - Laptop


Welcome to Allin1Social’s new website. If you’ve been following us before, you will notice that apart from the new home, we look different too.

That’s right. Allin1Social has a brand new logo and website. And that’s not all – our platform user experience has also improved, making it easier for social media teams to collaborate. Whoah, so many changes all of a sudden, what’s all this about? We say: it was about time!

Allin1Social was originally born in 2009. That’s six years ago, a year when hipsters were not around yet. We are finally keeping up with our time, presenting our complete social media management & reporting platform the way it deserves to be presented.

So what’s new?

Our logo

Allin1Social Logos - Old and NewWe let the coffee cup go. Socializing happens in so many places these days that a cup of coffee is not enough anymore. What if you want a kale smoothie or some coconut water instead?

We kept our four colors though, because they represent us so well. The colors are united in four squares, that makes them look like Post-It’s glued together, don’t you think? And that’s what Allin1Social does, it glues four big features together, helping anyone working with social media do their job more efficiently, and maybe needing much less Post-Its and to-dos on their desks!


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The green square represents Benchmarking. That’s one of Allin1Social’s main features. On our platform anyone can monitor the brands of their choice and discover their competitors’ social media strategies. Gaining competitive advantage from real insights is essential for an optimized social media strategy: you can imitate the best ideas, and avoid the worst mistakes to always stay on top of the game. We call it social media intelligence.

The pink square represents Reporting. That’s another one of our strengths. A deep understanding of your own performance is essential in order to calculate the ROI of your social media actions, and to plan how to do even better. With Allin1Social’s reporting you can forget manually counting likes and comments. Our reports include over 100 metrics that reveal the true ROI of your social media. You can add your own logo and download our beautiful reports in PDF or CSV ready to be sent to your boss and clients.

The orange square is for Publishing. In the end, that’s what social media is about – providing interesting content to your community. You can connect your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts on Allin1Social and easily publish posts and tweets across all channels. To make things even easier, you can automate your content with automatic retweeting and RSS feed publishing.

The blue square stands for Scheduling. Even though social media is about being spontaneous, nobody should have to lose their night’s sleep over a tweet. With our social media management platform you can relax and schedule your social media content months in advance, so you can focus on other things. Just check our social media calendar to see if your plan fits your strategy and edit your scheduled posts at any time.


Allin1Social – all these great features in one platform, on a single dashboard. That’s pretty great isn’t it? And now our logo tells the same story.


Our website

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You can see for yourself. The new website is beautiful, simple and informative – just like a website should be in 2015.

To get an overview of our platform, just browse through the Homepage  and Features.

On Benchmarking you can understand more what kind of competitor analyses we provide for gaining competitive advantage and social media intelligence.

On Reporting you can discover the different kinds of performance reports we have available on the platform, and what kind of social media statistics you’re able to get for your different channels. Did you know that we provide detailed Instagram Reports as well? Many people didn’t, but yes we do, on our Premium plan.

Allin1Social Intelligence is a completely new service we provide. We know our competitor analyses and benchmarking reports are a huge advantage for many brands and agencies, also for those who already use another social media management tool or platform. We want everyone to have access to a better social media strategy though, and that’s why our Reports can also be purchased individually, without a platform user subscription. Through the Allin1Social Intelligence service you can simply define the type of report you want, the brands to be included, and send a report request. We’ll send you the report.

Facebook Statistics is where you can find free country-specific statistics about the top performing Facebook pages based on different metrics, such as engagement rate and number of page likes. These are valuable insights for anyone and that’s why we wanted to keep them that way: Essential, and free.

Our Blog also got a new look in the process, as well as some cool new features. We want our blog to be a place for conversation about social media marketing, a place for industry professionals, bloggers and enthusiasts to connect and share their ideas and thoughts. That’s why we’re introducing a Guest Blogger Program, offering social media bloggers an opportunity to have their articles published on our domain. We hope this will work as a trigger for more conversation, diversifying the topics we write about, and introducing new faces and opinions to the community. Join the conversation! And if you feel like you have something interesting to contribute, send us a Guest Blogger Request with the form you can find on the sidebanner.

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This changed look is only the beginning. We are constantly evolving, especially based on client feedback, and would love to hear from you – whatever you have to say, even just to say hi.


Our platform

With the improved Allin1Social platform, Social media Team collaboration is even easier than before. Handling multiple clients and defining different roles and access levels for your team members will now be extremely simple. You only see one team’s social media pages on the dashboard at a time, and can easily change the navigation from one team to another. You can be sure nothing gets published without your permission. Multi-tasking, efficiency and control are the keywords for 2015.


If you made it this far, congratulations! If you didn’t, no worries, you’ll discover all of the above by simply browsing through the website and the platform. We are super excited about the new Allin1Social – hopefully you too.