Avoid these Holiday Marketing Mistakes

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Holiday Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


Holiday Social Media Marketing is hectic. We haven’t even gotten over Thanksgiving and Black Friday yet, but must be looking ahead for the next holidays already. How about Christmas & New Year’s marketing strategy? Let alone Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year.

One thing we should all do, is to really look back at the previous performance and learn from our past mistakes. What was our worst performing post last year? Which social media channel created least engagement?

There are some holiday marketing mistakes every social media manager should avoid this year, in order to have a well-performing, optimized strategy.


Make sure NOT to make these social media strategy mistakes:


Forget targeting


Don’t forget to pay attention to targeting: Christmas is not celebrated in many parts of the world, so specific holiday posts should only be published in the correct target areas. Remember to provide other relevant content for the non-festive areas as well.

Use Audience insights to define your audience segments and target your posts accordingly. Are your biggest audience segments in South America or Europe? Women or men? Create different tips for different audiences to maximize engagement.


Ignore your mobile pages


Do not skip optimizing for mobile. A large percentage of people  browse via mobile and tablets, especially during the holiday rush. Check to make sure your conversion scripts are properly tracked and your mobile landing pages and images are visualised correctly.


Use the same images on every channel


Staying visual and including images is essential for any social media channel now, even Twitter. Stay professional and make sure you images are correctly sized for different channels to avoid blurry pictures or weird cuts.

Check this Infographic to see the correct image sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin and YouTube. Use Canva or another free design tool to create beautiful and original visuals for your posts.



Optimize your Holiday Marketing this year and use the tips on our Social Media Guide, prepared by real digital experts, to make sure you won’t make the typical social media strategy mistakes over the holidays.

Holiday Checklist for Social Media Managers

Download the Complete Free Holiday Guide for Social Media Marketers, including a real checklist and a holiday calendar with content & strategy tips to guarantee a successful holiday period.

Holiday marketing, if done well, can maximize your results!

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How to nail a Social Media Pitch

Nailing a Social Media Sales Pitch


First things first: there really isn’t a 100% correct way of nailing a social media sales pitch. Every prospective client who wants to work with you is different, and the best way to approach them and convince them you’re perfect for the job, is never the same.

Of course, we at Allin1Social understand that, which is why we’re giving you some of our best tips on what to do to nail that social media sales pitch, and how we can help you do that.




It is always important to understand your prospective client and what they are like with social media. By this, we mean getting down to the basics. What does your prospective client understand about social media? Do they know the differences between Pinterest and Instagram? Are they just following the crowd or have they tried to do something original with their own social media channels?

From there, you’ll understand why they chose the channels they did, the reasons behind their current social media goals and what they were have been trying to achieve through social media.

This will help inform your research and create a better insight into what you can offer to your prospective client. You should also review what they are trying to do with their website, so that you understand more about them and are prepared to share your findings and your recommendations on what their goals should be. So take your time going through their website and social media channels – this is a crucial step in getting your facts right to be able to start working towards a digital strategy that’s based on real data.




Social Media Comparison Report - content type - Allin1Social

By 360, we truly mean 360! You will need to do an all-round social media situational analysis for your prospective client in order to get a complete understanding of them and their social media. Yes, this calls for in-depth social media research.

Gathering such research is, without a doubt, time-consuming but there are many tools out there that can help you with this. Our expertise in social media reporting means we know what you are looking for when it comes to an all-in-one social media analysis. We built our reporting platform to ensure you get a full social media performance analysis at the click of your fingers, or mouse.

(To know more, check out the different types of reports and benchmark analyses Allin1Social can help you with.)


Why do you need such research?


Competitor report - engagement - Allin1Social


You want to ensure that you know what your prospective client’s social media performance is like right now, and more importantly, what their competitors are doing. How does your prospective client benchmark against their competitors? Who has the best strategy? What is working for them and what is not? Where are your clients posting and when? What are they doing differently than the rest of the industry?

Knowing what your client does and what your client’s competitors do is important to understand what their target audience wants, so that you can understand how to get more customer engagement, which can ultimately translate into more sales.


How to get all the facts & stats?


You might be surprised to see how many statistics and insights your prospective client, and maybe even you, never knew about. Instead of spending hours on different social media channels, a social media reporting platform can make your life a whole lot easier because you can get all the reports you want at the click of a mouse. You can find out the ‘who, what, when, where and how’ of all social media actions of your prospective client, and their competitors. This will help you to draw insights that you can then present, all of which are backed up with proper social media analytics so you can prove your point.

Industry comparison - engagement - Allin1Social


The main point is to wow your prospective client at your social media sales pitch by showing them how well you know their industry, their positioning against their competitors and their own performance statistics.

This is the moment to really win them over and to prove that you’ve done your homework; that you know a lot about your prospective client and their social media presence and perfomance, and that you are a dedicated collaborator and contributor even before you nail the job.




Now that you understand your prospective client and their social media, and you have done your 360 social media situational analysis, it’s time to get cracking on what recommendations you can give and the strategy and campaigns you can plan.

These recommendations can make or break your pitch presentation, simply because once you wow them with research and figures, you need to continue that wow by showing them why you are the expert they should work with. Most of the time, your prospective client may not be an expert in social media. This is where you come in: to tell them what they are missing out on and what they can do better. It could be anything from the voice of their social media posts to joining some new social media channels they might have not considered before (Pinterest? Snapchat? Or if they’re targeting Chinese customers in particular, maybe WeChat?).

But most of all, you need to create a creative, well-planned strategy /campaign – whatever it is you are pitching for. Use the detailed insights you have in your advantage. You now know what has been working well for the prospective client in the past, and what not. This information will help you plan a rocking strategy to present.

Comparison - best time to publish - Social media report by Allin1Social

Have a think about how you can best use your expertise to enhance what the prospective client has been doing after all the research that you have done. You want to include all of this in your pitch, and you also want to assure your prospective client that you have social media monitoring built into the strategy you’re planning, and that you have chosen the right tools to help you.




So you’ve done your research, created your strategy and slides and you know the data you have to present. Next, take a deep breath and go ROCK that social media pitch. The amount of detailed data that you have, if you did your research well, is going to blow your prospective client’s mind and get you the job. Good luck!

Social Media Marketing Trends in 2016

2016 Social Media Marketing Trends (1)


Biggest Digital Marketing Trends in 2016  according to Top Social Media Influencers


2016 is right around the corner and marketing managers are busy finishing up their marketing strategies and plans for the new year.

Or  wait, you’re not sure what to focus on yet? No worries. Allin1Social made a bit of research and interviewed some of the top social media influencers to learn what they think will be the biggest marketing trends for next year.

One thing is obvious: Live video and other visual messaging will have the spotlight in 2016.  Without further ado..


The predictions for Social Media Marketing Trends in 2016, according to the top influencers of the social media industry


Jenn Herman - Jenn's trends (1)


Jenn Herman

Social Media Marketing Expert

Live Streaming


“I honestly believe we’ll see an even bigger transition to live streaming tools like Periscope and Blab in 2016. But beyond just the live streaming feature, people will gravitate towards the tools that promote community development and unique ways to connect with their audiences. More and more, people are expecting responsiveness and transparency from companies of all sizes and it will be tools like these that will facilitate this in 2016.”



Dustin W. Stout


Dustin W. Stout

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Designer

Visual Content


“One of the biggest social media marketing trends I see coming in 2016 is an evolution of visual content. For years now I’ve been teaching people the importance of using visuals in their digital marketing and it’s finally gotten to a point of saturation. Visual content is everywhere. So now it’s not just a matter of having visual content integrated into your digital marketing efforts, but having GOOD, EYE-CATCHING visuals. You will need to have visual content that immediately stands out amongst the rest. The best way to do this?

– Animated GIFs

– Auto-play video

Facebook has seen hugely positive results with auto-play videos and more recently Twitter has as well. And while GIFs have been the norm on sites such as Google+, Tumblr and Twitter it would seem that Facebook is finally catching up and realizing how powerful a moving visual can be.  Movement captures the eye right away and will be one way savvy social media marketers will capture more attention in 2016.”



Andrea Vahl


Andrea Vahl

Social Media Coach, Speaker & Strategist

Streaming Video


“The biggest trend for 2016 will be live streaming video.  Platforms like Blab, Periscope and Meerkat are pushing this new swing towards live streaming and it’s been growing steadily in the later part of 2015.  The content is interactive and fun.  Facebook will probably open up their Live Streaming video to more users to keep pace.  I’ve been really enjoying the new Blab platform and I think even more developers will come into this space to bring different ways to use live streaming socially.  Exciting times!”



Ian Cleary - RazorSocial


Ian Cleary

Social Media Tool Expert

Social Selling


“Next year, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms will have a ‘buy’ button. It may be suited more towards low-value transactions but it makes perfect sense. Imagine a friend sharing a review of a book (shared as a Twitter card that contains the image of the book, summary of the review, etc.). You see it, you click ‘buy’ and purchase the book without leaving Twitter. You’re on LinkedIn and you’re impressed with a consultant. You click a ‘hire me now’ button and transact within LinkedIn. It’s coming.

But what’s also coming is that social media and content marketing people will understand the importance of building sales funnels. Internet marketers know how to build online sales funnels. Traditional social media and content marketers don’t. If you don’t have the software, you’ll need the skills. You can sell on social media. There will be more selling on social media.”



Melissa Lee - 77Agency

Melissa Lee

Head of Product at 77Agency

Native Advertising


“Content marketing is making a comeback – and this time in synergy with native advertising. David Ogilvy emphasized its importance from way back in the 60s, but somehow along the way it got sidelined whilst marketers were more keen on quicker wins that came from direct ads. It is no surprise that today, 70% of individuals want to learn about products through content rather than through traditional advertising. Also, the average time spent on a native ad is 3.2s vs 0.9s on display banner ads. The increasing effectiveness and growth of promoted posts, tweets and pins from social networks also means that consumers will have higher expectations for quality content in non-intrusive seamless browsing experiences.”




Seems like 2016 will be the year of video and live streaming, and most of all, the big coming of social selling.

Make sure you have your social media strategy ready, and don’t forget to include the possible trends in your plan to stay on top of the latest updates of the industry.

What do you think about these predictions? Do you have something you would add to the list?

Best of Social Media Marketing in October 2015

Allin1Social Monthy - What's new in Social Media Marketing

Social media management is hectic, we know. When you work with social media, you have to stay up-to-date – there’s something new you need to know about every day. Following the latest news of the industry often ends up taking a huge part of our time, whether we wanted or not. There’s just so much to read, so many campaigns to check for inspiration, and case studies to browse through – not to mention blogs, forums, conversations and all the social media buzz around the most important topics.

That’s why our team has scouted the Internet to gather the most interesting social media news of the month together, so that you can save precious time and read a bunch of industry articles at one glance. To make things even easier, you can Sign Up for our Allin1Social Monthly newsletter through the form on the side bar, and receive the latest updates of the social media industry directly to your inbox, once a month. Or you can just read our monthly round-up of the most inspiring articles and campaigns here, on our blog.

Here you go – Allin1Social’s Social Media Marketing picks for October 2015:

Social Media Marketing News to Read


INFOGRAPHIC: The State of Social Media Marketing in 2015

How did the Social Media Industry actually do this year? Which were the most popular social networks? What are the opportunities that are still growing? What is the number of mobile users? What were the most popular social apps? How important was social media for eCommerce? This infographic published on Social Media Today provides extremely interesting insights about the state of Social Media Marketing at the end of 2015. View the infographic.


Does Social Buzz Really Drive Sales?

Unilever shared research results in a conference earlier this year, showing that social media buzz and positive mentions do have a increase sales, thus contradicting the results of a similar research conducted by Coca Cola in 2013. The same research showed that actually only one in every 1000 television ad impressions results in a sale. Read the article.


GIFs Are Taking Over the World

Right after Facebook announced that GIFs could be added to any posts, anywhere in the world – Instagram launched Boomerang, a new standalone app that allows you to take five photos, string them together into a GIF, and play them over and over again. We are already waiting curiously to see the first brands using self-made GIFs for their Instagram marketing. Read the article.


Social Media Campaigns to be Inspired by


Customer Reactions to All Day Breakfast at McDonald’s – Leo Burnett Chicago

As McDonald’s finally gave in to its customers complaining about not being able to buy McMuffin’s and other breakfast products after 10:30 am, Leo Burnett Chicago created these funny TV spots that feature real life customer reactions on Facebook and Twitter to the news. Brilliant use of social media and customer-generated content to highlight the campaign’s real value. See the campaign.


A Fake Google Fortunetelling page for Charity – BrainMedia Netherlands

It looks like a Google Search Page where you can type in a questions and ask Google to predict your future. But the results page confirms your doubts. It’s not Google, and whoever it is, can’t predict your future. Instead “60 million refugees ask themselves every day if they have a future at all”. Actually Google had nothing to do with the campaign, but it still matched $ 5.5 million dollars in donations for the cause. Creative implementation and ten points for the brave initiative! See the campaign.


The Best #BackToTheFutureDay Posts – Different brands

We all know what day it was on October 21st. There are still no hover boards on the streets, but the famous day from Back To The Future films finally arrived and many brands took advantage of the social media buzz around the event. Some did a brilliant job while others not so much. See the posts and judge for yourself! See the posts.


Hope you like your first set of social media inspiration! Got any other campaigns or articles you’d recommend? The stage is yours – share your tips on the comment box.