Best of Social Media Marketing in February 2016

The Best of Social Media - February 2016


It’s a good thing we had one extra day this February, because a lot happened in the social media circles. Some of the biggest marketing events of the year took place (Super Bowl, the Oscars!) and there were many important new features introduced to our daily social media platforms (Facebook reactions to start with one!). Here’s a selection of the best social media news & campaigns in February 2016:


Social Media Marketing News to Read


What Marketers Need to Know about Facebook Reactions

Facebook Reactions are here, and while it’s great to be able to love or be angry about a post on your Newsfeed, there’s more to these emotions when it comes to social media marketing. Here’s a great overview of what marketers should take into account with these new engagement metrics.   Read the article


Instagram Finally Enabled Multiple Account Management

Switching between different Instagram accounts is finally easier and the life of any social media manager handling Instagram content just got a lot more simple. Read more about this important product update on Instagram’s official announcement.  Read the article


Snapchat Lets Brands Design Custom Geofilters

Yet another great marketing opportunity on Snapchat. Now anyone can pay to create and distribute their own custom geofilters on in a specific area for a defined period of time.  Read the article



Social Media Campaigns to be Inspired by



9 Brands that Successfully Used Snapchat during Super Bowl

The competition for branded advertising space, paid or earned, is crazy during one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Gatorade, Amazon, Taco Bell and a few others managed to stand out from the crowd with creative communication on Snapchat.  See the campaign


“Be My KPI” and Other Valentine’s Day Messages for Ad People – Evans Hunt, Canada

The guys at the Evans Hunt Agency in Calgary found the perfect way to thank their clients this Valentine’s Day, or how would you like to eat heart-shaped candy that says “Twist my Headlines?” or “Brief Me Good”?  See the campaign


Chevrolet Reacts to Facebook Reactions with Its “It’s Time to Love” Campaign – Commonwealth McCann, Global

Chevrolet was the first brand to react to the new Facebook Reactions with it’s video that said that it’s time to love instead of just “liking”. The video was produced on the same day Facebook Reactions became globally available. A great example of reactive marketing . See the campaign


What were your favorites from last months social media headlines?

Ps. You can read about the best social media news & campaigns of January 2016 here.