Is the Automotive industry really behind the rest when it comes to Social Media?

This week we will analyse how well the Automotive sector in UK performs on Facebook in terms of Fan Growth, Engagement and Content distribution. The analysis is run on 12 brand pages and data refer to December 2013 as the period.



Community growth:

  • Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz and Ford are the 3 pages that have experienced the largest growth in terms of new fans aquisition.
  • the performance of the top 3 pages has been 2-3 times better than the average +5%

Content distribution:

  • all 12 pages published a total of 411 posts
  • in the previous month (November 2013) the total posts published were 492, +16.5%
  • the most popular Post type was Photo with 353 posts representing 86% of all content published



Quilmes and Skol, the battles of Latin beers on Facebook

Today we are going to analyse an interesting comparison between two of the top beer brands in South America: Skol (Brazil) and Quilmes (Argentina).

If we had to judge on popularity and decided to use the number of Fans as a metric we could assume that both brands are pretty much even since their market penetration on Facebook in their respective countries is rather similar (between 15% and 16%).

Instead we want to assess the type of strategy that both brands adopt in terms of communication on Facebook and the level of engagement they are achieving. The period analysed is June 2013 during which Skol have published 130 posts while Quilmes only half of that number with 67 posts.




Facebook Page Fans distibuted by local country

Have you ever wondered if all those fans on some Facebook pages are really genuine?

Well now you have a way to find out where those fans are coming from in terms of location at least.

Surely you have come across browsing statistics website some pages allegedly allocated to a specific country where their number of fans reach and some time even go over the total of number of Facebook users for the same country. How can that be possible?

Allin1Social is now making available publicly the source of fans by location meaning that you can find out for any Facebook page the distribution of their fans in terms of their location.

Take a look at Coca-Cola for instance, did you know that Brazil and US make up for 40% of all their fans?

Want to know the most used terms of any brand in Facebook?

Allin1Social releases today a new Tag Cloud functionality across all Facebook and Google+ pages.

Wait a second, aren’t Tag Clouds a thing of the past? Well, just read a bit more and judge it yourself…

This new feature is available to all Allin1social users allowing them to find out about the key terms used by any brand within their post content and not only. In fact you can search for the most popular terms for both Page Posts and Users Posts.

Now, just for a minute, imagine you are a top brand in a competitive sector and want to find out about the communication strategy of your main competitors…