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Boost your social media engagement

We all know that frequent posting, presence on different social media channels, and collecting likes and followers are not enough if you want your social media activity to bring results. What we want is to engage our audience and produce better content that attracts attention and creates engagement.

Here are five great tips for boosting your social media engagement – for free:


If you want your audience to react to your posts, simply tell them what to do. Suggest them to click the link to your website, to like a post or to share it, or ask them a question you want an answer to. People are going to act upon your request, if you ask them to. It’s as simple as that – isn’t it?


Don’t limit your communication on your branded social media channels. Follow the leading people of your industry, share their best posts and articles, take part in conversation and don’t be afraid to be active elsewhere on social media. You’ll find out you’re increasing your brand awareness and establishing important connections that will eventually bring more engagement to your own channels as well.


Share your blog posts also on Facebook and Twitter. Ask questions and share the best responses. Organize a contest with an attractive reward. Create top ten lists of tips based on your professional experience. The list goes on. Different content on different days, starting conversation and letting your customer’s voice come through will all increase the quality of your content and the engagement with your audience.


The most engaging type of content on social media are images and videos, as they can be quickly viewed and create and emotional connection with the audience. To increase the engagement of your posts, remember to always include a visual element related to the content of the post.


The best way to learn what people are saying about your brand, what type of posts are performing better, or what time of the day or which day of the week is the best time to post is through a social media management tool.  With Allin1Social you can monitor your competitors, mentions and the performance of your posts and social media channels – all for free.  All this information is crucial in order to know what is working best for your brand.

Knowing the facts and best practices will help you produce better content and increase your engagement rate!



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