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8 ways to get your content shared on social media in 2015


The way to maximize the reach and use of your company’s social media content is to increase the number of shares that the content receives. Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network, there are certain unwritten rules that you should always follow for the best results. Take note on these easy tips and optimize your social media performance in 2015.


Short and Sweet


People today live in the “fast food world” where things need to be easy and fast. Keeping your posts short and to the point so readers can digest them easily is a good choice 99% of the time. You can have the occasional longer post (the ideal blog post length for maximum shares is actually 1600 words), but especially with the big use of social media on mobile and on the move, people do not want to read constant walls of text.


Add Visual Elements


People love photos, gifs, and videos – and are far more likely to share these as well. If you can, implement visual elements into as many of your posts as you possibly can. Be present in the most common photo networks, like Instagram and Pinterest to boost your possibility to get shared and to stay up-to-date on the latest trends.


Mix It Up


Chances are that you are a part of, not one, but a big number of different social networks. You may have followers who follow you on all of them. Instead of keeping the content identical across all of the platforms, consider mixing it up a bit with different visual elements and slightly different content. This gives people an incentive to follow you on all of the various social media outlets. Of course, when you have big news and important info to get out to the masses, you can use it on all of the sites, but optimizing the image size and text length for each channel definitely increases the chances for the post get shared.


Use Some Humor


People like to laugh, and when you are able to make them chuckle, they usually want to “share the funny” with friends, family, and even strangers. This makes them far more likely to share their content with others outside of your network. When those friends and family members see the content and it strikes them as funny as well, there’s a higher likelihood of them actually deciding to follow you on social networks.


Of course, you always need to use discretion when implementing humor, as it is so subjective. Some people will find certain things funny, and others might actually find it to be offensive. Use your best judgment and stay within your company guidelines.


Add an Element of Mystery


People love a good mystery, even if it’s just a little one. When posting, you want to walk a fine line between being blunt about what the post is and being mysterious. A little teasing in the post can be a good thing. Make the words leading up to your link make the person feel as though they have to click to find out more. This technique can be remarkably effective, and you’ve probably been on the receiving end of this technique on more than one occasion.


Think about some of the posts that you see on Facebook. The post might read something along the lines of, “Celebrities are losing weight in some surprising ways. Tip #2 might just blow your mind”. This makes people feel as though they are missing something special if they don’t click and check out the link.


Make It Timely


Always try to keep your posts as timely as possible. Do not reference news stories from months ago or even a few weeks ago. The attention span of today’s average person is not what it once was, so keep the posts as close to the latest topics and trends in your field as possible. People want to share content that is new and relevant to what’s happening at the moment. Subscribe to industry newsletters and check the main influencers’ blogs and posts every morning to always know the latest.


Use Good Headlines


If you have a bad headline, chances are the readers will never make it past the first few words. People skim when they read online, and the headline is the first thing they see. If it doesn’t grab their attention, they will skip it and move on to something else. Add interesting adjectives, calls-to-action, promises or a mystery in the headline, and your clicks will start increasing in no time.


Boost Your Posts


With the new Facebook Algorithm, having your posts reach your fans is getting more difficult. The truth is that in 2015, to get more engagement and shares, boosting your posts with Facebook ads is going to be a necessity rather than an extra option in your social media strategy. With Allin1Social’s Boost feature you can automatically turn your best performing posts into Facebook Ads and see your engagement rate grow.


What Should You Not Do?


While the above focuses on the things that you should do when you are trying to get your audience to share your social media content, you also need to make sure that you know what you should not do. Do not use your business page as your personal page, for starters. Don’t ignore comments – you actually want to engage with the audience. Do not constantly spam your advertisements. Yes, you want to market to people, but do so through quality content and actual engagement rather than simply putting up ad after ad on your page.


Last but not the least, actually ask your readers to share the posts. This simple request can be surprisingly effective at getting shares.


Social media is a fun and powerful way to create, build, and communicate with a vast audience quickly and easily. Simply make sure that you work hard on your posts to make them as good as possible.


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