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Social media management is hectic, we know. When you work with social media, you have to stay up-to-date – there’s something new you need to know about every day. Following the latest news of the industry often ends up taking a huge part of our time, whether we wanted or not. There’s just so much to read, so many campaigns to check for inspiration, and case studies to browse through – not to mention blogs, forums, conversations and all the social media buzz around the most important topics.

That’s why our team has scouted the Internet to gather the most interesting social media news of the month together, so that you can save precious time and read a bunch of industry articles at one glance. To make things even easier, you can Sign Up for our Allin1Social Monthly newsletter through the form on the side bar, and receive the latest updates of the social media industry directly to your inbox, once a month. Or you can just read our monthly round-up of the most inspiring articles and campaigns here, on our blog.

Here you go – Allin1Social’s Social Media Marketing picks for October 2015:

Social Media Marketing News to Read


INFOGRAPHIC: The State of Social Media Marketing in 2015

How did the Social Media Industry actually do this year? Which were the most popular social networks? What are the opportunities that are still growing? What is the number of mobile users? What were the most popular social apps? How important was social media for eCommerce? This infographic published on Social Media Today provides extremely interesting insights about the state of Social Media Marketing at the end of 2015. View the infographic.


Does Social Buzz Really Drive Sales?

Unilever shared research results in a conference earlier this year, showing that social media buzz and positive mentions do have a increase sales, thus contradicting the results of a similar research conducted by Coca Cola in 2013. The same research showed that actually only one in every 1000 television ad impressions results in a sale. Read the article.


GIFs Are Taking Over the World

Right after Facebook announced that GIFs could be added to any posts, anywhere in the world – Instagram launched Boomerang, a new standalone app that allows you to take five photos, string them together into a GIF, and play them over and over again. We are already waiting curiously to see the first brands using self-made GIFs for their Instagram marketing. Read the article.


Social Media Campaigns to be Inspired by


Customer Reactions to All Day Breakfast at McDonald’s – Leo Burnett Chicago

As McDonald’s finally gave in to its customers complaining about not being able to buy McMuffin’s and other breakfast products after 10:30 am, Leo Burnett Chicago created these funny TV spots that feature real life customer reactions on Facebook and Twitter to the news. Brilliant use of social media and customer-generated content to highlight the campaign’s real value. See the campaign.


A Fake Google Fortunetelling page for Charity – BrainMedia Netherlands

It looks like a Google Search Page where you can type in a questions and ask Google to predict your future. But the results page confirms your doubts. It’s not Google, and whoever it is, can’t predict your future. Instead “60 million refugees ask themselves every day if they have a future at all”. Actually Google had nothing to do with the campaign, but it still matched $ 5.5 million dollars in donations for the cause. Creative implementation and ten points for the brave initiative! See the campaign.


The Best #BackToTheFutureDay Posts – Different brands

We all know what day it was on October 21st. There are still no hover boards on the streets, but the famous day from Back To The Future films finally arrived and many brands took advantage of the social media buzz around the event. Some did a brilliant job while others not so much. See the posts and judge for yourself! See the posts.


Hope you like your first set of social media inspiration! Got any other campaigns or articles you’d recommend? The stage is yours – share your tips on the comment box.

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