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Facebook is going to start restricting the reach of brands’ unpaid, or organic, posts that the Facebook algorithms consider overly promotional. The scope is to ensure to have only the best content in people’s news feeds.


The criteria for a post to be considered overly promotional are the act of pushing people to buy a product, install an app or enter a contest, and sweepstakes or posts that are just re-purposed ads.


The organic posts are going to be evaluated with the same filters as ads, e.g. by checking how many people hide them from their news feed. The Pages that post this kind of promotional content can expect to see a significant decrease in their distribution, but most of the Pages won’t see any change in their reach.


This new change in the Facebook algorithm is pushing some brands to using more promoted posts and paid ads to compensate for the shorter reach of the unpaid posts. This might end up increasing the prices of the ads.


That’s why you should focus on the importance of strengthening your organic content strategy, and, at the same time, supporting it with a strong Facebook advertising strategy. Both of these goals are achievable through the use of Allin1Social and our partner, Social Ads Tool, the Facebook Ads Management Platform.


This is the one truth on how to succeed on Facebook today – you need to focus on high quality content at the right intervals for the highest engagement rate. You can optimize the engagement rate of your posts in Allin1Social and boost your best performing posts in your Facebook Ad campaigns automatically with the Page Booster tool on Social Ads Tool

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