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Are you prepared for the holidays?

Social Media Strategy Checklist



Preparing for the holidays can be busy, so to help we have prepared a checklist for you to make sure your social media channels stay up-to-date and merrily active through the festive period, also when you are taking a break.


More people will be browsing their Facebook newsfeed or your blogs during this time, so make sure you have the right content ready


Make sure you don’t forget to:

  • Plan your content calendar
  • Use data from past years to do better this year
  • Follow your competitors
  • Establish a crisis-response plan
  • Target according to local holidays
  • Automatically boost your best-performing posts
  • Check your mobile pages

Holiday Social Media Strategy Checklist December


The Checklist includes a printable holiday calendar for December, January and February with the most important holidays and top tips for your social media strategy related to these, revealed by real digital experts.


Read or download the full guide here:


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