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Facebook announced that it will be launching the possibility to add Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons on its Business Pages. (Update: Call-To-Action buttons are now available worldwide.) This new CTA feature helps all Pages to drive business objectives and to build new ways to interact with people.

The call-to-action button highlights your business’s most important business objectives right on top of the Facebook page. The CTA will show up at the top of your business Page, on the left side of the Like button.  You can link the buttons to any destination, as long as they are aligned with the business’s goals.


call-to-action- button on Facebook


The available action buttons are:

–          Book Now

–          Contact Us

–          Use App

–          Play Game

–          Shop Now

–          Sign Up

–          Watch Video


This means many new possibilities for businesses. You can have people sign up for a newsletter, contact you directly or even purchase a product directly from the Facebook page.

The new feature has already proven to be very profitable. Dollar Shave Club  was testing the Sign Up button for three weeks and noticed a “2.5x higher conversion rate versus other comparable social placements aimed to drive new user acquisition.”

Start planning the best strategy  and call-to-action to use for your CTA buttons and be ready to take full advantage of this great new feature right away.

The call-to-action feature will roll out in the US over the next few weeks and worldwide in 2015.

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