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Today we are going to analyse an interesting comparison between two of the top beer brands in South America: Skol (Brazil) and Quilmes (Argentina).

If we had to judge on popularity and decided to use the number of Fans as a metric we could assume that both brands are pretty much even since their market penetration on Facebook in their respective countries is rather similar (between 15% and 16%).

Instead we want to assess the type of strategy that both brands adopt in terms of communication on Facebook and the level of engagement they are achieving. The period analysed is June 2013 during which Skol have published 130 posts while Quilmes only half of that number with 67 posts.



The chart in the middle shows the days during which each brand has published its posts while the two bars on the side reveal the best day and time in terms of average engagement received and should hint on how to improve their communication strategy (what time it would be more beneficial publishing their posts).

Here is a summary of some KPIs on engagement:

  • Post Likes: Skol 790k ; Quilmes 580k
  • Post Comments: Skol 53k ; Quilmes 18k
  • Post Shares: Skol 550k ; Quilmes 135k


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