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Producing content and writing interesting posts can take a lot of time, but evaluating the results and analyzing your competitor’s performance can be even more time-consuming.

  • Is the monitoring taking a big chunk out of your days in the office?
  • Or even worse, are you not doing it at all?

If you are using the Allin1Social Platform, you already have access to a high-level monitoring system with a customized feed: The Social Listening feature can provide you with tons of valuable information, and is a real time-saver in many ways.

Social Listening - Allin1Social


Take a look at how many things you can monitor at once, on your Mentions Feed inside the platform. Here are some examples you can use it for:

  • Monitor your brand name and know exactly when it’s talked about even in the social channels you don’t have control over
  • Filter mentions by the tone of voice: positive, negative or neutral
  • Follow up on your competition and be the first one to know, when they are mentioned somewhere
  • Follow important industry news and the main influencers
  • Track your different brand names and hashtags
  • Follow influential bloggers and celebrities
  • Now you can even filter your mentions  also by language, and know exactly how your brand is being talked about in Spanish or Italian, e.g. compared to English

Keeping an eye on your own relative social media environment is easier and more efficient than ever. You can customize your different mention feeds, whether it’s the topic you want to track, the tone of voice or language you want the text to be written in. All this information is just one click away.

So if you haven’t been monitoring your mentions, competitors or industry news, set up your mention feed now and start right away. If you have, you can still optimize your time consumption and take maximum use of your social listening feature.


For any questions, contact your Allin1Social account manager.



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