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Social media is an ever-changing landscape thanks to the advances in technology and the way that people want to interact with online social sites. Social media marketing trends and strategies change just as quickly, and it is important for companies to pay attention to both of these changes if they hope to keep up with their competition and clients. Here’s an overview on the biggest trends in social media marketing in 2015.


More and More Mobile


As we already know, nowadays most people are actually visiting Facebook and other social media channels from their mobile devices. They use smartphones and tablets more often than desktop devices to do most of their online browsing, whether it is shopping, checking email, or tweeting and posting statuses to Facebook. As a social media manager or marketer, it’s time to start thinking about mobile marketing first so you have the potential to reach the most people possible. Make your websites and newsletters responsive and posts clear and easy to browse through even with a smaller screen.


Content Remains King


The importance of relevant content on your website and social media keeps increasing. People have a limited amount of time and a near limitless number of options and distractions on the web. That’s why the content you produce needs to be more engaging than ever. It needs to be something that will make the readers want to follow you, read or watch your content, and actually share it with others in their network.


Smart marketers will start to look for ways that they can reuse and repurpose different types of content. For example, you can create an article that can be translated into a video, turned into a slide show or an infographic, and share it with more people across the web.


Boosting posts will become a necessity


With the new Facebook Algorithm, having your posts reach your fans is getting more and more difficult, and most probably other social media channels are moving towards the same direction. The truth is that in 2015, to get more engagement and shares, boosting your posts with Facebook ads is going to be a necessity rather than an extra option in your social media strategy.



Thinking Outside the Box with Video


Video is already important, and it will become even more important over 2015. YouTube is still the most popular and important of the video sharing sites available, and if you don’t have your own company channel yet, it is something you should consider using. However, keep in mind that YouTube is not the only option out there. Vine, via Twitter, is also popular. Remember that the videos you see on Vine – six-second looping clips – are different from the typical types of videos you see on YouTube.


You need to look at the way that video will be able to play into all of your social media and marketing efforts and use it accordingly.


More Social Networks Will Rise


For a while, it seemed as though Facebook would be the last of the “big” social networks, having decimated MySpace. However, some people out there are creating competing social networking sites that hope to displace the current emperor of social networks. Many of these will fail, but others may rise and find their own place in the crowd. See what happened SnapChat, with more teenagers engaging with the instant messaging service than Facebook. You should stay aware of the current new crop of social networks, such as Ello in 2014. Always be looking for the next big thing. Instagram will continue to rise in popularity – with over 200 million monthly users at the end of 2014, it does not seem to be slowing down. Stay up to date, be present on all the relevant channels and publish content optimized for each channel.


E-commerce in Social Media


The integration between social networking and ecommerce has been a long time in coming, but it seems as though 2015 will finally be the year when it will officially take off. Twitter and Facebook started beta testing buy buttons in 2014. These buttons appear with posts and tweets that will let buyers make a purchase in a couple of simple clicks. This will cut out the need to leave the site and go to an external website for the purchasing process. It has the potential to make buying, including impulse buying, easier. Social media managers and marketers should start thinking about the best types of content and creatives to make people actually click on a buy button.


The year 2015 is bringing big changes to the social media landscape and you need to be prepared to stay up-to-date. Follow the Allin1Social blog to read all the latest news and articles.









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