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Top Social Media Articles in 2015


It’s been a hectic year for the social media and digital marketing industry – so many new platforms, trends and best practices to learn and talk about. To wrap up an interesting year of  social media news, we took a look back to see which were the most read posts of our social media marketing blog in 2015.


Top 10 Social Media Marketing Articles in 2015:


1. Top Tips for Beating the Facebook Algorithm

Anyone managing a Facebook Page for a Business must have noticed the huge drop in organic reach on Facebook this year, and not just once actually. It’s a known fact that Facebook is trying to push marketers into promoting posts with Facebook ads, but luckily there are also some free ways to beat the Facebook Algorithm and organically grow your posts’ reach.


2. Best Practices for Successful Instagram Marketing

Brands are taking over Instagram – more than ever now that also sponsored posts are available on the platform. It’s still not too late to establish a brand presence in the image sharing community, or to optimize your strategy by following our 8 best practices for successful Instagram marketing.


3. Social Media Marketing Trends in 2016

We interviewed some of the top social media influencers out there to find out what they think are the biggest digital marketing trends to look out for in 2016. Guess what they said? Well, video and live streaming are going to sky rocket into new marketing spheres next year, but some more traditional marketing methods are also resisting.


2016 Social Media Marketing Trends


4. Why is it so Important to Know about Your Competitor’s Social Media Strategy

Monitoring your competition and industry’s top players is an excellent way to get tips for improving your marketing strategy, for discovering best practices and also some mistakes to avoid. Surprisingly many brands aren’t taking advantage of this technique and are missing out on some valuable insights.


5. Facebook is Decreasing Organic Posts’ Reach Again

It happened once, twice and once more in 2015. The reach of Facebook Business Page’s organic posts just kept going down in 2015. This time around they let us know in advance, but after that there was no official announcement. Marketer’s just needed to accept the reality and find ways to maximize their organic reach, while promoting posts with Facebook ads.


6. Infographic: Facebook Page Image Dimensions 2015

There are still too many Brand Facebook Page’s out there with blurry profile and banner images. The right image specs do seem to change pretty often, but that’s why we made this infographic: so that you can easily check the right size of any visual you want to upload on your Facebook Page. Save it in your bookmarks!


7. Secret Routines of a Successful Social Media Manager

Social media marketing is hectic, continuous multi-tasking. How does an experienced social media manager actually organize his/her day? We wrote down 11 secret routines any successful social media marketer should implement in their daily schedule in order to make the most out of the limited time they have in their hands.


Secret Routines of a Successful Social Media Manager


8. Essential Steps for a Winning Holiday Marketing Strategy

The holiday season is here , and so are the biggest marketing campaigns of the year. It’s no wonder that our post about the essential steps to take to establish a winning holiday marketing strategy quickly became one of the top articles of the year – and no worries, there’s still time to use some of the tips for the next holidays.


9. Top 10 Social Media Blogs to Follow on a Daily Basis

One of the best ways to stay up-to-date is to follow industry blogs, like you’re doing right now. We have some favorites when it comes to reading about social media and digital marketing news and best practices. The top 10 social media blogs to follow, if not daily, at least weekly, are listed in this article.


10. Infographic: Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet in 2015

Lat but not the least, our  mother of all infographics with correct image specs for all the most common social media channels out there: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+. With this one always a click away, blurry images should be a thing in the past.


What’s your opinion? Is there another article you’d like to point out as your favorite from 2015?

Is there something completely different you would like to read in 2016? Join the conversation – we’re all ears!


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