Best of Social Media Marketing in February 2016

The Best of Social Media - February 2016


It’s a good thing we had one extra day this February, because a lot happened in the social media circles. Some of the biggest marketing events of the year took place (Super Bowl, the Oscars!) and there were many important new features introduced to our daily social media platforms (Facebook reactions to start with one!). Here’s a selection of the best social media news & campaigns in February 2016:


Social Media Marketing News to Read


What Marketers Need to Know about Facebook Reactions

Facebook Reactions are here, and while it’s great to be able to love or be angry about a post on your Newsfeed, there’s more to these emotions when it comes to social media marketing. Here’s a great overview of what marketers should take into account with these new engagement metrics.   Read the article


Instagram Finally Enabled Multiple Account Management

Switching between different Instagram accounts is finally easier and the life of any social media manager handling Instagram content just got a lot more simple. Read more about this important product update on Instagram’s official announcement.  Read the article


Snapchat Lets Brands Design Custom Geofilters

Yet another great marketing opportunity on Snapchat. Now anyone can pay to create and distribute their own custom geofilters on in a specific area for a defined period of time.  Read the article



Social Media Campaigns to be Inspired by



9 Brands that Successfully Used Snapchat during Super Bowl

The competition for branded advertising space, paid or earned, is crazy during one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Gatorade, Amazon, Taco Bell and a few others managed to stand out from the crowd with creative communication on Snapchat.  See the campaign


“Be My KPI” and Other Valentine’s Day Messages for Ad People – Evans Hunt, Canada

The guys at the Evans Hunt Agency in Calgary found the perfect way to thank their clients this Valentine’s Day, or how would you like to eat heart-shaped candy that says “Twist my Headlines?” or “Brief Me Good”?  See the campaign


Chevrolet Reacts to Facebook Reactions with Its “It’s Time to Love” Campaign – Commonwealth McCann, Global

Chevrolet was the first brand to react to the new Facebook Reactions with it’s video that said that it’s time to love instead of just “liking”. The video was produced on the same day Facebook Reactions became globally available. A great example of reactive marketing . See the campaign


What were your favorites from last months social media headlines?

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Best of Social Media Marketing in January 2016

The Best of Social Media - January 2016


Here’s a thought for February:  Let’s look up from our laptops and screens, and try to find inspiration from our colleagues’ and industry leaders’ expertise. We don’t always need to try to do better than others. Instead, we can use their example in what we do. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all.

With that in mind, here’s a selection of social media news & campaigns we found inspiring in January:


Social Media Marketing News to Read



6 Ways Longer Tweets Could Give Branded Messages More Character

The community of tweeters couldn’t believe their eyes when Twitter first announced it was probably going to test tweets exceeding the normal 140-character limit – and not just little, but up to 10.000 characters! While most people were plain angry and frustrated, online marketers worldwide started fantasizing about the endless opportunities this change would mean to their social media presence and strategy. Read the article


Hype or Not, Peach hit the Top 10 Social Networking App List fast

You’ve probably heard about the new Social Networking App Peach by now. Many say it’s just another flop and nothing will beat the current big players like WhatsApp and Messenger, but maybe this time will be different. It didn’t take long for Peach to hit Apple’s App Store’s top 10 in the most downloaded free social networking apps. Read the article


Infographic: Instagram Marketing Strategy for 2016

So many brands are on Instagram and that’s extremely positive. But such a little part of these brands actually has a strategy for their presence, let alone are they measuring their performance. With the help of this infographic putting an Instagram marketing strategy together won’t take too much effort. See the infographic



Social Media Campaigns to be Inspired by



McDonald’s Singapore turned its Instagram into a Comic Book

Talking about Instagram, there are so many ways to use it for brand marketing. McDonald’s Singapore turned their products into a comic book that keeps entertaining the brand’s Instagram followers (while making their grave for a chicken wrap). See the campaign


Social Media gave a boost to Men’s Fashion Week in Milan 

Fashion brands are finding new creative ways to take advantage of social media to create buzz around their new collections during fashion week. During Men’s Fashion Week in Milan last month, we could see runway selfies, Grindr livestreams and Instagram-only lookbooks.  See the campaigns


Domino’s Pizza took over SnapChat with “From Dough to Door”Iris Worldwide Agency

It’s going to be exciting to follow the ways brands take their first steps on SnapChat this year. Domino’s Pizza in the UK didn’t disappoint with their clever “From Dough to Door” video of a pizza delivery guy and all the obstacles he could entail on his way. See the campaign



What were your favorite campaigns from January?

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Best of Social Media Marketing in November 2015

The best of Social Media Marketing in November 2015

The holiday season is upon us, which is both wonderful and stressful. We’re excited and frustrated, while we search the web for gift ideas, holiday recipes and decoration inspiration – even at the office some times. There just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get it all done, especially if you’re a social media manager. Holiday campaigns to launch, end-of-the year reporting to do, marketing strategy 2016 to plan, new trends to look out for… the list is never-ending!

That’s why our team has, once more, scouted the Internet and gathered the most interesting social media news of November together, so that you can save precious time and read a bunch of industry articles at one glance. To make things even easier, you can Sign Up for our Allin1Social Monthly newsletter through the form on the side bar, and receive the latest updates of the social media industry directly to your inbox, once a month. Or you can just read our monthly round-up of the most inspiring articles and campaigns here, on our blog.

Here you go – Allin1Social’s Social Media Marketing picks for November 2015:


Social Media Marketing News to Read


Pinterest launched a new visual search option 

You see a beautiful image of a living room of your dreams and in the corner there’s a lamp that you’ve always wanted. What brand is that lamp? You need to know to be able to buy it, but instead of product information, there’s just a Mark Twain quote in the subtitle. What to do? No worries. Pinterest has launched a ground breaking new feature, where you can choose an item in any of the images, and look for it among other Pinterest pictures. Just tap on Search an isolate an area of the image, to look for other similar Pins. “Crazy fun!”, as Pinterest describes this new feature. Read the article


Black Friday 2015 ranked the most Social one yet

Even before the end of the Black Friday weekend, this year’s campaigns had already broken several seasonal social media records. Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have spread from to Europe, and even though Thanksgiving is not widely celebrated outside the US, the special eCommerce sales are now a common practice, and very popular, everywhere in the world. Some brands, however, prefer to use the day as an opportunity to close down and promote hashtags to celebrate time off and family values. Whatever the strategy, Black Friday has become a strategic day both for branding and sales. Read the article


Twitter removed its Share Count Button

Have you noticed a drop in your website traffic from social media? That might be due to Twitter’s removal of the Share Count button. The number of times an article has been shared on Twitter has been a great “social proof” and a demonstration of the popularity of an blog post, no matter how inaccurate the data might have been (Twitter itself told that one of the reasons for the removal was inaccuracy of the data). Reading an article that has been shared over a thousand times, compared to one that has gotten only a few shares, sets your mind into thinking there’s something great in the article, something that’s worth sharing. So, now people, brands and publishers are trying to find alternative ways into replacing the “lost” button. Read the article

Social Media Campaigns to be Inspired by



Best Movember Campaigns – Different brands 

Movember has become a worldwide phenomenon. Thousands of men everywhere are growing an inappropriate mustache every November to raise awareness for prostate cancer. Many brands have joined the cause, and take advantage of the trending mustaches for marketing purposes. AdForum’s collection of the best Movember campaigns in 2015 will make you smile, and maybe make you want to grow a nice ‘stache next year. See the campaigns


Huawei’s Creative Finger Race on Snapchat – Buzzman, France

Innovative and fun ways to take advantage of Snapchat for a full campaign are still a rare find. A French agency, Buzzman, managed to create an engaging #SnapchatRun competition to promote Huawei’s Talkband B2. The concept is simple but genius. To participate in the race, people needed to follow HuaweiDeviceFR on Snapchat and find their daily “My story”, which showed a view of a run through Paris. The last slide of the story was a promotional code to win the Huawei device. To “run faster”, people had to tap on the slides to finish the race as quickly as possible. The first 5 people to finish the race and the tweet the code displayed on the last slide, won the device. Well played Buzzman, well played. See the campaign


Ford’s Instagram Campaign “Don’t like and drive” – Blue Hive, Brazil

Social media, branding and a cause? Sounds like a potentially boring effort to educate people. But no, the Brazilian Blue Hive agency took Ford’s Instagram game to another level with its “Don’t like and drive” posts. The simple images show the Instagram heart covering a big part of the driver’s view, including a pedestrian about the be hit by the car. “We want to jump in the social conversation about the risks of using cellphones while driving,” Blue Hive executive creative director Vico Benevides told Adweek. “The icon of a heart hiding the people in the streets seems to be the perfect image to deliver the message. Simple and powerful.” See the campaign

What were you inspired by last month? Share your thoughts and suggest other interesting news and campaigns to share!

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Best of Social Media Marketing in October 2015

Allin1Social Monthy - What's new in Social Media Marketing

Social media management is hectic, we know. When you work with social media, you have to stay up-to-date – there’s something new you need to know about every day. Following the latest news of the industry often ends up taking a huge part of our time, whether we wanted or not. There’s just so much to read, so many campaigns to check for inspiration, and case studies to browse through – not to mention blogs, forums, conversations and all the social media buzz around the most important topics.

That’s why our team has scouted the Internet to gather the most interesting social media news of the month together, so that you can save precious time and read a bunch of industry articles at one glance. To make things even easier, you can Sign Up for our Allin1Social Monthly newsletter through the form on the side bar, and receive the latest updates of the social media industry directly to your inbox, once a month. Or you can just read our monthly round-up of the most inspiring articles and campaigns here, on our blog.

Here you go – Allin1Social’s Social Media Marketing picks for October 2015:

Social Media Marketing News to Read


INFOGRAPHIC: The State of Social Media Marketing in 2015

How did the Social Media Industry actually do this year? Which were the most popular social networks? What are the opportunities that are still growing? What is the number of mobile users? What were the most popular social apps? How important was social media for eCommerce? This infographic published on Social Media Today provides extremely interesting insights about the state of Social Media Marketing at the end of 2015. View the infographic.


Does Social Buzz Really Drive Sales?

Unilever shared research results in a conference earlier this year, showing that social media buzz and positive mentions do have a increase sales, thus contradicting the results of a similar research conducted by Coca Cola in 2013. The same research showed that actually only one in every 1000 television ad impressions results in a sale. Read the article.


GIFs Are Taking Over the World

Right after Facebook announced that GIFs could be added to any posts, anywhere in the world – Instagram launched Boomerang, a new standalone app that allows you to take five photos, string them together into a GIF, and play them over and over again. We are already waiting curiously to see the first brands using self-made GIFs for their Instagram marketing. Read the article.


Social Media Campaigns to be Inspired by


Customer Reactions to All Day Breakfast at McDonald’s – Leo Burnett Chicago

As McDonald’s finally gave in to its customers complaining about not being able to buy McMuffin’s and other breakfast products after 10:30 am, Leo Burnett Chicago created these funny TV spots that feature real life customer reactions on Facebook and Twitter to the news. Brilliant use of social media and customer-generated content to highlight the campaign’s real value. See the campaign.


A Fake Google Fortunetelling page for Charity – BrainMedia Netherlands

It looks like a Google Search Page where you can type in a questions and ask Google to predict your future. But the results page confirms your doubts. It’s not Google, and whoever it is, can’t predict your future. Instead “60 million refugees ask themselves every day if they have a future at all”. Actually Google had nothing to do with the campaign, but it still matched $ 5.5 million dollars in donations for the cause. Creative implementation and ten points for the brave initiative! See the campaign.


The Best #BackToTheFutureDay Posts – Different brands

We all know what day it was on October 21st. There are still no hover boards on the streets, but the famous day from Back To The Future films finally arrived and many brands took advantage of the social media buzz around the event. Some did a brilliant job while others not so much. See the posts and judge for yourself! See the posts.


Hope you like your first set of social media inspiration! Got any other campaigns or articles you’d recommend? The stage is yours – share your tips on the comment box.