Inside an awesome Social Media Team

Inside an awesome social media team - agency secrets - allin1social

Here at Allin1Social, we handle our own social media as a team. At any given time, you’ll find us chatting with clients, sharing advice, scheduling posts, answering questions and browsing online to see what’s new to share with our community. We love working  together, and find that collaboratively we complement each other in making our social media better, thanks to Allin1Social and all the other awesome tools out there.

That is not to say that a solo social media manager cannot handle things – on the contrary, we know many people doing a fantastic job all by themselves! But working as a team is quite different, even when it comes to understanding each other. That’s why we’d like share some “secret” routines we do and some best practices and tips we know that make us an effective social media team.


Strategy & Structure – the key!


Yes, even as a social media team, it is very important to figure out the structure of the team and what the overall social media strategy is.

Altimeter ran a survey, and it  found out that 11 is the average number of people in a full-time social media team at large companies (more than 1,000 employees), and they work together in a structure that is loosely based like this:


Altimeter - Social Media Team Structure


Of course, this structure varies with industry and company or agency size. On smaller teams, your structure may be very different, but regardless of team size, it always helps to have a clear structure.

Then comes the next step: how do you keep everyone on the team in sync with each other? Simple – by having a  social media strategy that everyone can refer to. This document (we recommend using a software like Google Drive or Trello, so that you can all collaborate and update the document) can contain anything and everything about your social media strategy: from objectives and goals, to content & post schedule, channels, reports and analytics as well as day-to-day processes and important notes from recent meetings.

We really like Advanced Human Technologies Group’s way of building an effective social media strategy:


Social media strategy - Advanced Human Technologies Group


The fantastic five: Who, what, when, where & how


A clear structure and social media strategy help everyone in the team to understand who is managing which aspect of social media, bringing us to the other points of what, when, where and how.

When defining the roles, it helps to know which team member(s) is better at which social network(s), what types of content are going to be posted, where should each type of content be posted and how often posts will be scheduled.

Are you writing all your content, are do you consider getting external help for that? When is the best time of day to post? Who is better at contacting influencers and who loves to write their heart out? 

You also want to ensure that you split management responsibilities so that no one is stepping on someone else’s toes. For example, you can have set rotational shift times for managing the social media networks, or have different people manage different networks so that all social presence responsibilities are met. Who’s the content creator? Do you need a customer support person on top of a community manager? Who takes care of analytics & strategy improvement? 

Figuring this out will help the team to understand how everyone can best support each other to ensure that your community has a consistent view of what your brand is all about. 

Do remember though, that all these aspects can change with time as your team and the social networks you use evolve.


Keeping up a consistent voice and tone


When you have a team managing social media, another important step to take is standardising voice and tone so that everyone understands what the brands’s voice sounds like. What is the personality of the company? How do you want to come across on social media?

This then guides the tone of the voice. A voice can have multiple tones, as long as all the tones support and refine the voice. It’s good to have the basics written down in your social media guidelines & strategy, so that it’s easy to go back and check whenever you feel lost while writing something for the brand. We’ve been quite inspired by Weber Shandwick’s advice on voice and tone:


Brand - Tone and Voice - Weber Shandwick


Knowing the latest news 


Being in social media also means being aware of what’s the news of the day,  because the industry is constantly changing and anything can become popular or hated in a matter of seconds (except for cat videos, they never go out of style!).

We recommend constant monitoring of local and international industry websites, and even your competitors’  blogs and newsletters. Another best practice is to follow some famous social media blogs to find out the latest trends and best tips, tricks and practices that you can use in our everyday work.


Collaborating better with the right tools


As a social media team, you want to ensure you choose the right tools that enable easy responding, scheduling, analysing and communicating so that you collaborate better. To aid easy team collaboration, you should look out for a tool with characteristics such as:


Allin1Social - Social Media Team & client settings


A simple dashboard that gives us an instant overview of all your social media channels

– An easy-to-use scheduling platform that allows you to post any minute you want (Did someone say 11:11? An unconventional publishing time is often better for organic reach…)

– An efficient, clear team workflow that allows you to assign tasks, different access levels, share notes and control what’s being published

Awesome reports that can immediately be presented to the team and clients


Do take time to review and assess what’s the best solution for your team, because finding a tool for efficient social media management &  team collaboration is extremely important and can end up saving tons of time for everyone in your team. For us the choice was obvious (Allin1Social, anyone?), but make sure you find the best fit for your team’s and brand’s needs. Sometimes it might mean using more than one tool, and that’s perfectly fine too. 


Joining the conversation!


Work hard, play harder! That’s what many of us believe in, and we find that this applies to us as a social media team too. We take a break when we need to have a breather, and often like to have a chat or join conversations with other colleagues from other teams (sales, finance, HR, etc) or online. Commenting on blogs, articles and industry forums can bring fresh ideas, help establish new connections and even friendships. After all, who knows what inspiration you can get from fun or educational everyday chat and laughter with your colleagues?


Ps. You might be interested in reading also about the Secret Routines of a Successful Social Media Manager.

Agency interview: Social Media & Digital PR Manager

Agency Interviews - Social Media and Digital PR Manager (1)

What are the best tips you can get from a professional social media manager?


The Social Media Industry has become a huge employer in a short period of time. Job titles vary as much as the tasks, clients and working environments. While there are tons of best practices to follow, the actual jobs are as different as the people doing the work.

That’s why we’re starting a new “Agency Interviews” post series on the blog today. To get a better idea of the different roles inside digital agencies, and  to get some insider tips and best practices from the professionals of the industry.

Let’s start with Alessandra, a Social Media & Digital PR Manager.


Alessandra - Social Media & Digital PR Manager - 77Agency


My name is Alessandra and I am head of the Social Media and Digital PR team at 77Agency. In brief, my job includes managing several key clients from very different backgrounds and sectors, all at once. It is a very dynamic and stimulating work, which also requires heavy multitasking and the ability to switch quickly between channels, languages, brands and competences in a fast paced digital environment.


So what’s the best way to manage multiple social media accounts effectively and successfully without getting too stressed?


Here are my tips:


Get organized

Set a clear schedule of what and when you are going to post and prepare everything ahead so you have spare time for unexpected events that are the daily bread of the social media work.


Have a global overview 

Use a tool that lets you monitor all the accounts and channels at one glance, making it easy to moderate comments and messages and set alerts for critical issues, so that you are ready to anticipate a community crisis when you see one rising.


Monitor results

Tracking metrics and KPIs is fundamental to learn about your successes as well as  your mistakes. Good analytics also provide interesting insights and help you understand what your audience is like, when they are online and what their habits are. The tracked metrics should also be beautifully presented to clients. That’s why I use a social media tool that let’s me download visually pretty and detailed reports that I can send directly to my clients. 


Study your competition and beyond

Measure your activities against your industry competitors, but also keep an eye on successful pages and accounts from totally different sectors: best ideas arise from the fusion of examples and thinking outside the box!


Love what you do 

Last but not least, get the right attitude: be curious, search, get inspired from latest trends and news, experiment! Being a social media manager can be a stressful job and the best way to stand out is to put your passion into it!



Great tips, thank you Alessandra!  Social media management includes so many different aspects that staying in control requires both tools & dashboards, as well as passion and a creative mind.

The creativity and passion need to come from within, but we can help with the organization part.

Just like Alessandra, several top agencies worldwide have chosen to use Allin1Social  to help manage the chaos of managing multiple clients & social media accounts. Automating some time-consuming manual tasks, like scheduling & publishing content across different channels, getting performance analytics and  reports, and monitoring competition and other top brands of the industry, frees a lot of time for writing new content, optimizing the social media strategy and communicating with clients.

Where do you get your inspiration from? And what tips do you have for staying organized?

How to nail a Social Media Pitch

Nailing a Social Media Sales Pitch


First things first: there really isn’t a 100% correct way of nailing a social media sales pitch. Every prospective client who wants to work with you is different, and the best way to approach them and convince them you’re perfect for the job, is never the same.

Of course, we at Allin1Social understand that, which is why we’re giving you some of our best tips on what to do to nail that social media sales pitch, and how we can help you do that.




It is always important to understand your prospective client and what they are like with social media. By this, we mean getting down to the basics. What does your prospective client understand about social media? Do they know the differences between Pinterest and Instagram? Are they just following the crowd or have they tried to do something original with their own social media channels?

From there, you’ll understand why they chose the channels they did, the reasons behind their current social media goals and what they were have been trying to achieve through social media.

This will help inform your research and create a better insight into what you can offer to your prospective client. You should also review what they are trying to do with their website, so that you understand more about them and are prepared to share your findings and your recommendations on what their goals should be. So take your time going through their website and social media channels – this is a crucial step in getting your facts right to be able to start working towards a digital strategy that’s based on real data.




Social Media Comparison Report - content type - Allin1Social

By 360, we truly mean 360! You will need to do an all-round social media situational analysis for your prospective client in order to get a complete understanding of them and their social media. Yes, this calls for in-depth social media research.

Gathering such research is, without a doubt, time-consuming but there are many tools out there that can help you with this. Our expertise in social media reporting means we know what you are looking for when it comes to an all-in-one social media analysis. We built our reporting platform to ensure you get a full social media performance analysis at the click of your fingers, or mouse.

(To know more, check out the different types of reports and benchmark analyses Allin1Social can help you with.)


Why do you need such research?


Competitor report - engagement - Allin1Social


You want to ensure that you know what your prospective client’s social media performance is like right now, and more importantly, what their competitors are doing. How does your prospective client benchmark against their competitors? Who has the best strategy? What is working for them and what is not? Where are your clients posting and when? What are they doing differently than the rest of the industry?

Knowing what your client does and what your client’s competitors do is important to understand what their target audience wants, so that you can understand how to get more customer engagement, which can ultimately translate into more sales.


How to get all the facts & stats?


You might be surprised to see how many statistics and insights your prospective client, and maybe even you, never knew about. Instead of spending hours on different social media channels, a social media reporting platform can make your life a whole lot easier because you can get all the reports you want at the click of a mouse. You can find out the ‘who, what, when, where and how’ of all social media actions of your prospective client, and their competitors. This will help you to draw insights that you can then present, all of which are backed up with proper social media analytics so you can prove your point.

Industry comparison - engagement - Allin1Social


The main point is to wow your prospective client at your social media sales pitch by showing them how well you know their industry, their positioning against their competitors and their own performance statistics.

This is the moment to really win them over and to prove that you’ve done your homework; that you know a lot about your prospective client and their social media presence and perfomance, and that you are a dedicated collaborator and contributor even before you nail the job.




Now that you understand your prospective client and their social media, and you have done your 360 social media situational analysis, it’s time to get cracking on what recommendations you can give and the strategy and campaigns you can plan.

These recommendations can make or break your pitch presentation, simply because once you wow them with research and figures, you need to continue that wow by showing them why you are the expert they should work with. Most of the time, your prospective client may not be an expert in social media. This is where you come in: to tell them what they are missing out on and what they can do better. It could be anything from the voice of their social media posts to joining some new social media channels they might have not considered before (Pinterest? Snapchat? Or if they’re targeting Chinese customers in particular, maybe WeChat?).

But most of all, you need to create a creative, well-planned strategy /campaign – whatever it is you are pitching for. Use the detailed insights you have in your advantage. You now know what has been working well for the prospective client in the past, and what not. This information will help you plan a rocking strategy to present.

Comparison - best time to publish - Social media report by Allin1Social

Have a think about how you can best use your expertise to enhance what the prospective client has been doing after all the research that you have done. You want to include all of this in your pitch, and you also want to assure your prospective client that you have social media monitoring built into the strategy you’re planning, and that you have chosen the right tools to help you.




So you’ve done your research, created your strategy and slides and you know the data you have to present. Next, take a deep breath and go ROCK that social media pitch. The amount of detailed data that you have, if you did your research well, is going to blow your prospective client’s mind and get you the job. Good luck!

Social Media Check – Ferrari

social media check ferrari


Ferrari took the finance world by the storm this week, when it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday October 21st. Ferrari’s stock, which is trading  with the symbol RACE, is fetching a premium to its IPO price.

We’re not that into finance and stock rates, but we do love social media and big brands. So we asked: How is this exclusive, luxury car brand doing on Facebook? With over 16 million fans following their Facebook page, their social media team has a big audience to engage with.

Here’s what Allin1Social’s Benchmark Report revealed us:


ferrari - facebook page


In just 30 days, from mid September 2015 to mid October, the brand has gained over 9 thousand new fans on their Facebook page. It sounds like a huge amount of people, but actually only represents a growth of 0.1% considering their massive follower base of over 16 million. A steady growth is always a good sign, so it means the luxury car brand is going in the right direction with their social media marketing on Facebook.


ferrari - fans growth on facebook



The engagement figures seem pretty impressive as well. Ferrari has gotten over 500 thousand likes, 8000 comments and 77 thousand shares on its posts in the past month. Likes and shares represent the biggest part of engagement, whereas commenting is a much less common type of action within the followers. Perhaps the brand could try to spark more conversations by asking questions and replying to comments.


Ferrari - engagement on Facebook



When taking a better look at the type of content Ferrari posts on their Facebook Page, the distribution is almost equal between photo posts, videos and link posts. It’s obvious Ferrari knows what to post in order to gain more engagement on social media. Simple status posts are history, and photos, videos or links are the only way to attract attention these days, in the overly-crowded Newsfeeds.


Ferrari - content by type


Based on the number of people reached and the engagement the different posts have generated, we can determine that by far the best day of the week for Ferrari to post on Facebook, is Wednesday. Thursday, Friday and Saturday perform pretty well too, but the remaining days seem pretty slow  in terms of post performance, which means that the brand should consider some other content or time of the day for publishing to get the figures up on those days.


Ferrari - best time to publish on facebook



Ferrari’s best Facebook posts of the past month in terms of engagement they generated are the ones below. An image post about the launch or a new car model on Cctober 13th gained more tan 22 thousand likes and almost 4000 shares. Another image showing the unveiling event of a new Ferrari Spider in September did almost as well in terms of shares, although it gained less likes and comments.


Ferrari - best performing post on Facebook



This social media analysis report is merely the tip of the iceberg in social media monitoring, and it’s strictly focused on the performance of Ferrari’s Facebook page in the September and October 2015.  The analytics data available on Allin1Social’s performance reports is incredibly detailed and can reveal surprising stats on a brand’s audience, engagement rate and post performance.

Ferrari, and any other brand, should really take a careful look into their social media performance, and use all the insights in their favor to determine the optimal time for publishing, the best type of post and the mistakes that shouldn’t be repeated. Even the best of the industry can do better and keep on improving their strategy and ROI. Past performance is the key to future development, and all the manually retrievable data can actually be automatically loaded in no time.


Congratulations to Ferrari for their launch on the New York Stock Market, and keep on the good job on Social Media!

8 Best Practices for Successful Instagram Marketing

8 Best Practices for Successful Instagram Marketing


Beyond just being another social media platform, Instagram is a phenomenon that took the internet by storm, growing from zero to 100 million users in just a few years from its launch.

Perhaps its wide user-base and big potentials for marketing are what makes it appealing for more and more brands to build presence on the network. Yet, despite the competition, it’s never too late to join and master how to use the platform in a way to stand out from the competition.

Once you decide to create a presence on Instagram, it’s important to know how to make the most of the tools and features available on the platform to effectively build more brand awareness and community engagement. Use these Instagram marketing best practices to maximize your results.


  1. Determine if Instagram is right for your brand

Retail, fast food and construction are some of the top-ranked industries on Instagram in terms of engagement. But just because your brand is not in retail, doesn’t mean you can’t use Instagram for successful brand marketing. Many supposedly ‘boring’ brands are effectively using Instagram to boost their brand awareness and engagement. Just look at Intel and American Express, both top brands on Instagram, engaging their followers by creating behind-the-scene images, sneak peeks and employee and user submitted photos and videos.


Intel Instagram American Express Instagram







Some companies, even B2B,  also use Instagram to show the daily office life and to introduce their employees in order to give a “human touch” for their rather professional brand.

In addition to that, 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35. If your main target audience falls within that age group, it’s already a big enough reason for you to build an Instagram presence. Define your audience and decide whether Instagram is the right platform for you –if your main audience is not there,  can you use it to engage with new potential target audiences?


  1. Create content that resonates with your audience

Brands that are successful in making social media marketing work for them, do so because they focus on their followers. They are aware that it’s not about their products, but about what their audience wants. Entertain and engage with your followers by telling your stories in ways that you can entertain and engage with your community while communicating about your brand and products at the same time. Imagine what kind of pictures you like to see while browsing through your Instagram feed. Your picture can show an everyday situation, but your product can be a part of the picture – often a subtle presence is enough.

This applies even more on a photo-sharing network. Determining what your audience wants and letting them connect with your brand at a personal level pays off in the long-run.


  1. Leverage user-generated content

Getting followers to submit photos is a creative way to boost engagement, to get “free” content  and to create social proof. Your followers can share photos or videos of them using your products, receiving a giveaway from you, sharing their experiences with your products, etc. Find the best way that suits your brand. Top brands are having success in encouraging their fans to submit content with a specific hashtag, by giving them credits or rewarding them. Often being featured on the brand page, or receiving a like from the brand is a big enough reward for many.


  1. Understand how linking works in Instagram

Note that on Instagram, links are not clickable except on your profile page. Whether you want to link to your site, pages, a contest, or a giveaway, your best option is to include a call to action in your posts, images or captions. Create compelling post captions with a call to action for your followers to click on the actual link on your profile bio.


  1. Include Hashtags, always

This should be obvious – hashtags matter on Instagram more than anywhere else. Use them! Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement. Including hashtags in your posts also helps you get found by your target audience; especially with the updated ‘Search & Explore’ feature on Instagram that has made it easier for users to explore images with specific hashtags.


  1. Cross-promote

Instagram lets you publish content on other social media sites with a click of the mouse. But aside from that, you can integrate your Instagram marketing within a cross-platform strategy and use Instagram in conjunction with your other social media accounts to publish content.

This helps you not only to get more eyes on your content, but also to use the integrated power of your presence on each social media site to your advantage. For example, include a call-to-action on your Instagram posts for your followers to check out your free offer on Facebook or a contest on Snapchat.

Instagram notifications


  1. Ask your followers to turn on notifications

Instagram released a feature earlier this year, which allows users to be notified whenever a brand or a person they follow publishes something.  This is a great opportunity for marketers to make sure their top followers never miss a post. Don’t be afraid to be direct and invite your followers to click and turn on notifications.


  1. Analyze your performance and use the insights to do better

Monitor your performance and use analytics to define your strong and weak points as well as to optimize your strategy. Instagram doesn’t provide statistics yet, so you need to use a social media platform to get performance data on your Instagram presence: track your most engaging hashtags, your filters that are gaining more likes, the best time of the week or the day to publish, the potential influencers within your followers and optimize your strategy based on these insights to improve your performance.

Instagram Report - Allin1Social

What ideas have you used and worked for you? Have you created your Instagram performance Report with Allin1Social already?

Do you have some marketing tips to add to the list? Share your knowledge on the comment box!

A brand new Allin1Social


Allin1Social New Website and Logo - Laptop


Welcome to Allin1Social’s new website. If you’ve been following us before, you will notice that apart from the new home, we look different too.

That’s right. Allin1Social has a brand new logo and website. And that’s not all – our platform user experience has also improved, making it easier for social media teams to collaborate. Whoah, so many changes all of a sudden, what’s all this about? We say: it was about time!

Allin1Social was originally born in 2009. That’s six years ago, a year when hipsters were not around yet. We are finally keeping up with our time, presenting our complete social media management & reporting platform the way it deserves to be presented.

So what’s new?

Our logo

Allin1Social Logos - Old and NewWe let the coffee cup go. Socializing happens in so many places these days that a cup of coffee is not enough anymore. What if you want a kale smoothie or some coconut water instead?

We kept our four colors though, because they represent us so well. The colors are united in four squares, that makes them look like Post-It’s glued together, don’t you think? And that’s what Allin1Social does, it glues four big features together, helping anyone working with social media do their job more efficiently, and maybe needing much less Post-Its and to-dos on their desks!


Allin1Social Icons - benchmarking ,reporting, publishing, scheduling


The green square represents Benchmarking. That’s one of Allin1Social’s main features. On our platform anyone can monitor the brands of their choice and discover their competitors’ social media strategies. Gaining competitive advantage from real insights is essential for an optimized social media strategy: you can imitate the best ideas, and avoid the worst mistakes to always stay on top of the game. We call it social media intelligence.

The pink square represents Reporting. That’s another one of our strengths. A deep understanding of your own performance is essential in order to calculate the ROI of your social media actions, and to plan how to do even better. With Allin1Social’s reporting you can forget manually counting likes and comments. Our reports include over 100 metrics that reveal the true ROI of your social media. You can add your own logo and download our beautiful reports in PDF or CSV ready to be sent to your boss and clients.

The orange square is for Publishing. In the end, that’s what social media is about – providing interesting content to your community. You can connect your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts on Allin1Social and easily publish posts and tweets across all channels. To make things even easier, you can automate your content with automatic retweeting and RSS feed publishing.

The blue square stands for Scheduling. Even though social media is about being spontaneous, nobody should have to lose their night’s sleep over a tweet. With our social media management platform you can relax and schedule your social media content months in advance, so you can focus on other things. Just check our social media calendar to see if your plan fits your strategy and edit your scheduled posts at any time.


Allin1Social – all these great features in one platform, on a single dashboard. That’s pretty great isn’t it? And now our logo tells the same story.


Our website

Allin1Social new website - Features screenshot - laptop


You can see for yourself. The new website is beautiful, simple and informative – just like a website should be in 2015.

To get an overview of our platform, just browse through the Homepage  and Features.

On Benchmarking you can understand more what kind of competitor analyses we provide for gaining competitive advantage and social media intelligence.

On Reporting you can discover the different kinds of performance reports we have available on the platform, and what kind of social media statistics you’re able to get for your different channels. Did you know that we provide detailed Instagram Reports as well? Many people didn’t, but yes we do, on our Premium plan.

Allin1Social Intelligence is a completely new service we provide. We know our competitor analyses and benchmarking reports are a huge advantage for many brands and agencies, also for those who already use another social media management tool or platform. We want everyone to have access to a better social media strategy though, and that’s why our Reports can also be purchased individually, without a platform user subscription. Through the Allin1Social Intelligence service you can simply define the type of report you want, the brands to be included, and send a report request. We’ll send you the report.

Facebook Statistics is where you can find free country-specific statistics about the top performing Facebook pages based on different metrics, such as engagement rate and number of page likes. These are valuable insights for anyone and that’s why we wanted to keep them that way: Essential, and free.

Our Blog also got a new look in the process, as well as some cool new features. We want our blog to be a place for conversation about social media marketing, a place for industry professionals, bloggers and enthusiasts to connect and share their ideas and thoughts. That’s why we’re introducing a Guest Blogger Program, offering social media bloggers an opportunity to have their articles published on our domain. We hope this will work as a trigger for more conversation, diversifying the topics we write about, and introducing new faces and opinions to the community. Join the conversation! And if you feel like you have something interesting to contribute, send us a Guest Blogger Request with the form you can find on the sidebanner.

We also believe that social media inspiration should be easily accessible – we know how busy a social media manager’s day can be. That’s why we’re giving everyone the opportunity to sign up for our social media marketing Newsletter to receive an inspiring collection of social media news, tips and best practices directly to their inbox once a month. Be among the first: just insert your email address in the green box on your right. 

For more detailed information about the platform, check out Pricing and  FAQ. If you still have questions or comments, feel free to Contact us.

This changed look is only the beginning. We are constantly evolving, especially based on client feedback, and would love to hear from you – whatever you have to say, even just to say hi.


Our platform

With the improved Allin1Social platform, Social media Team collaboration is even easier than before. Handling multiple clients and defining different roles and access levels for your team members will now be extremely simple. You only see one team’s social media pages on the dashboard at a time, and can easily change the navigation from one team to another. You can be sure nothing gets published without your permission. Multi-tasking, efficiency and control are the keywords for 2015.


If you made it this far, congratulations! If you didn’t, no worries, you’ll discover all of the above by simply browsing through the website and the platform. We are super excited about the new Allin1Social – hopefully you too.

Allin1Social is part of the new Facebook Marketing Partner program

ALLIN1SOCIAL is now a Facebook Marketing Partner



Allin1Social is happy to announce that 77Agency , together with Allin1Social and  Social Ads Tool  have been awarded the specialties in Ad Technology and Community Management in the new Facebook Marketing Partner program.


Allin1Social has been collaborating with Facebook® since 2009, and was one of the original 13 Strategic Preferred Marketing Developers (SPMD) of Facebook until the launch of the new Facebook Marketing Partner program now, in 2015.


The new structure of the Facebook Marketing Partner Program is a positive evolution of the partner community, especially for marketers looking for a partner, as the search will now be easier and more targeted, matching the most suitable partners based on their industry verticals and goals. After 6 years of working with the Facebook API, we are proud to be badged Facebook Marketing Partners with Ad Technology and Community Management specialties.


Moreover, our industry expertise has been recognized across several verticals, including eCommerce, Travel, Consumer Packaged Goods and Professional Services.


Will this change anything for you?


No, Allin1Social keeps on the good work in the future, just as it has in done in the past.


We’ve been working hard for the past years to keep up with the continuously evolving social media technology development, and are happy to say that Allin1Social is working with some of the top brands and digital agencies around the world. Customizing our platform’s features to match our users’ needs has been one of our goals, as well as driving performance and maximizing ROI.


Allin1Social, previously one of the 13 Strategic Preferred Marketing Developers (sPMD) of Facebook, now continues its mission of optimizing social media content management and analytics, and developing premium technologies for marketers, as part of the Facebook Marketing Partner program.


If you are not using our premium technology yet, take a look at our profile on the Facebook Marketing Partner Directory and sign up and start managing your social media channels through our platform!


Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

Social Listening and Mentions Feed

Producing content and writing interesting posts can take a lot of time, but evaluating the results and analyzing your competitor’s performance can be even more time-consuming.

  • Is the monitoring taking a big chunk out of your days in the office?
  • Or even worse, are you not doing it at all?

If you are using the Allin1Social Platform, you already have access to a high-level monitoring system with a customized feed: The Social Listening feature can provide you with tons of valuable information, and is a real time-saver in many ways.

Social Listening - Allin1Social


Take a look at how many things you can monitor at once, on your Mentions Feed inside the platform. Here are some examples you can use it for:

  • Monitor your brand name and know exactly when it’s talked about even in the social channels you don’t have control over
  • Filter mentions by the tone of voice: positive, negative or neutral
  • Follow up on your competition and be the first one to know, when they are mentioned somewhere
  • Follow important industry news and the main influencers
  • Track your different brand names and hashtags
  • Follow influential bloggers and celebrities
  • Now you can even filter your mentions  also by language, and know exactly how your brand is being talked about in Spanish or Italian, e.g. compared to English

Keeping an eye on your own relative social media environment is easier and more efficient than ever. You can customize your different mention feeds, whether it’s the topic you want to track, the tone of voice or language you want the text to be written in. All this information is just one click away.

So if you haven’t been monitoring your mentions, competitors or industry news, set up your mention feed now and start right away. If you have, you can still optimize your time consumption and take maximum use of your social listening feature.


For any questions, contact your Allin1Social account manager.



Want to know the most used terms of any brand in Facebook?

Allin1Social releases today a new Tag Cloud functionality across all Facebook and Google+ pages.

Wait a second, aren’t Tag Clouds a thing of the past? Well, just read a bit more and judge it yourself…

This new feature is available to all Allin1social users allowing them to find out about the key terms used by any brand within their post content and not only. In fact you can search for the most popular terms for both Page Posts and Users Posts.

Now, just for a minute, imagine you are a top brand in a competitive sector and want to find out about the communication strategy of your main competitors…