5+1 Top practices to marketing success on Pinterest

Top Practices to Marketing Success on Pinterest


When it comes to Pinterest, most often there’s a misunderstanding on its potential. Although some people think it’s inefficient – just a network that offers nothing more than the others – that’s far away from being true…

Today Pinterest is one of the most powerful tools offering great marketing services to businesses. It has been working hard to compete with Facebook and Twitter and, let’s admit it, Pinterest is here to stay! Already enormous in the USA, it’s now gaining a leading position in UK and Europe. With more than 70 million users and a constantly growing international population, you should definitely consider including Pinterest in your social media marketing mix.

By now, we all know the basics. Pinterest is a stand-alone Visual Social Network built around engaging visual content. Users share visual images from the web, by pinning them on to a series of virtual Boards. Pinners can create, share, collect and repost information in picture, image or video format.

We’ve listed here the top practices to marketing success on Pinterest. Follow our tips and see your brand grow and your traffic increase!


1) Create well organized boards: We know that the “getting started” step can be kind of stressful. But, there will be no place for panic anymore, if you just follow these tips on how to organize your boards! Create a first board to present what your business offers. You want this to be clear for your community. Make sure all your pins are descriptive on your products or services, and they include your website’s link. Then, create a second one that can be helpful to your customers. For example, if you are a coffee house, you can design a board with coffee recipes. Your followers will be able to use it, and it’s an opportunity for you to show your expertise. Last but not least, make a third board that’s just fun. Are there things you like and you think that your customers will find entertaining or inspiring? Just add them. They’ll appreciate it!


2) Optimization: make the most out of them! In order to make your board attractive for your audience, choose relevant and intelligent titles. Give them the personality you want. Why don’t you add a term that can be associated to your business, together with the brand name? This way you won’t lose pinners who are searching for you, using other keywords. It’s also always a good idea to keep SEO in mind when naming your boards and pins. You can use a meaningful name that people might search for. For instance, for your coffee house, a more specific board name like “Coffee Shop Cappuccinos” can work very well. You might even add a quote if you prefer.


3) Use hashtags effectively: Like on any other channel, hashtags can bring people to your pins. Keep in mind though that hashtags on Pinterest are clickable only in Pin descriptions, so adding them anywhere else would be meaningless. You’ll also want to use hashtags wisely, as they’re part of your marketing strategy. Best practice is to add no more than two in a description, because too many hashtags are just annoying and look spammy.


4) Add the “Follow” button to your website: Think now of visitors who find your website and like your products or services, but don’t need them right now. It definitely makes sense as part of your marketing strategy to build a reachable website, rather than expecting visitors to remember or bookmark your web page and come back to it when they need what you offer. For all your social networks, also for Pinterest, add the “Follow” button on your website and boost your presence!


5) And add the “Pin it” button to your content: What would help your followers to find, save and share easily and quickly the things they like? And, what would help you to raise traffic on your Pinterest profile? Obviously the “Pin it” button! Add it to give your fans a chance to engage with your content, and see your Pinterest community grow.


+1) Engage actively with your audience: When Pinners interact with you, do the same. Your followers will like, re-pin or make comments on your content. Be active as well and engage personally with them. You need to listen to people, answer their questions and, of course, start your own conversations on topics your audience is interested in. Remember that interaction is about give and take! And one more tip of us: pin also other people’s stuff, not just your own. This shows you’re active and open, and brings your brand to other Pinterest users’ attention.


Pinterest offers great opportunities for businesses. Our piece of advice? If you don’t have a Business account on Pinterest yet, just do it now. Make sure your profile is well organized and fully complete and keep it always fresh for your fans!


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Infographic: Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet in 2015

We’ve all been there. When you finally find the time to update your Twitter banner or the Google+ profile picture, after uploading your carefully chosen images they come out all blurry or crooked.

The specs for the different channels keep changing constantly and it’s almost impossible to find all the relevant information in one place.

Allin1Social did the work for you and created the Ultimate Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet for 2015. You can find all the most important image sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Youtube and Pinterest in one, simple infographic.

You can view the full size Infographic by clicking the image, or download the PDF version here.


Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet 2015 - Infographic by Allin1Social


Now let’s keep our social media channels and images updated!

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