Infographic: Top performing Expo pavilions on Facebook

The global event of Expo Milan 2015 is heating up … and competition has started! All participating countries are showing their best at the event, but are also competing on social media with an increasing number of posts every day.

To find out which are the winning Expo pavilions on Facebook, we used our social media management platform that gives access to detailed reporting and Analytics. We collected interesting and useful information on the top performing pavilions in terms of community, engagement and growth. In this infographic, you can see the social media winners of June 2015.

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Allin1Social-Infographic. Best performing EXPO pavilions on social media.Download the full size PDF here.

Infographic: Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet in 2015

We’ve all been there. When you finally find the time to update your Twitter banner or the Google+ profile picture, after uploading your carefully chosen images they come out all blurry or crooked.

The specs for the different channels keep changing constantly and it’s almost impossible to find all the relevant information in one place.

Allin1Social did the work for you and created the Ultimate Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet for 2015. You can find all the most important image sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Youtube and Pinterest in one, simple infographic.

You can view the full size Infographic by clicking the image, or download the PDF version here.


Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet 2015 - Infographic by Allin1Social


Now let’s keep our social media channels and images updated!

How do you manage your social media channels?

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Facebook changed its News Feed Algorithm AGAIN

Facebook new algorithm change


How does this affect company pages?


Just a few months after the last edits, Facebook announced this week that it made changes to its Newsfeed Algorithm – again.

The latest change doesn’t bring dramatic changes in terms of organic reach, but from now on all posts posted by friends will appear higher in the News Feed, while company posts will appear lower.


What does this mean for companies and marketers?


The truth is Facebook is trying to make the scrolling experience as pleasant as possible for normal users. So, company pages need to accept their posts will appear on a lower position in the News Feed. At the same time friends’ posts like videos, photos, status updates and links will appear higher.

The new change also affects the kind of posts you’ll see from your friends. The visibility of stories of friends liking or commenting on a post will decrease (like the example post in the above image). And on less crowded News Feeds, it’s possible to see more content from the same source even in succession.


Will this affect your page?


According to Facebook: “The impact of these changes on your page’s distribution will vary considerably depending on the composition of your audience and your posting activity. In some cases, post reach and referral traffic could potentially decline. Overall, pages should continue to post things that people find meaningful.

We recommend all companies to keep an eye on the reach of their posts and, if they are not doing so yet, to start implementing the Facebook Best Practices if they notice a decrease in the post performance.


What can you do to maximize your page’s rank for the New Algorithm?


1) Post frequently

2) Share links, photos, and a variety of content

3) Upload videos to Facebook with a call to action

4) Create content with social context in mind

5) Tag other pages in your Facebook posts

6) Host a Q&A

7) Build around your stars – whether TV talent or writers or public figures

8) Use Trending to find popular topics on Facebook and post about them

9) Embed Facebook or Instagram posts in your website

10) Add the Like and Share buttons to your website and mobile apps

11) Add Open Graph and App Links tags

12) Add Facebook Comments to your website


Don’t forget to read our article about the Top Tips for Beating the Facebook Algorithm.

Top tips for beating the Facebook Algorithm

How to increase your organic News Feed reach


Beat the Facebook ALGORITHM


We’ve all noticed the decrease in the reach of our organic Facebook posts, and read about the changes made to the Facebook Algorithm that are causing this development. (Our last post about the latest changes can be found here and Facebook’s official article about the changes in News Feed here)

Luckily, there are many things you can easily do to try to beat the algorithm, or, at least to make your page rank higher for the Newsfeed algorithm, Edgerank – thus making your organic reach grow.


Here’s what you can do to maximize the reach when creating a new Facebook post:


1) Engage with your fans and followers

Build and maintain relationships with your active fans and followers. Start conversations and reply to all the comments you get. All the comments, likes and shareswork in your favor.  Active fans and engagement show Facebook that you are not only pushing promotional content, but the communication on your page works both ways – and your Affinity Score needed for a better rank will increase.


2) Pay attention to timing

Make sure you are not posting too frequently, but at the same time, you need to post often enough to always have new original content on your page. Don’t overwhelm your audience, but don’t let them forget about you either – find the right balance, and you will notice the difference in your increased reach.


3) Stay on top of trends

The Facebook Algorithm rewards posts that talk about trending topics, so don’t plan and schedule all your content weeks in advance, but remember to include some content regarding current topics in the mix.


4) Share external content

Links to other brands’ and industry influencers’ pages, articles, blog posts, infographics or websites, show Facebook that your page is not just posting about itself, but it’s following the relevant industry network and shares influential pages’ content. One relevant link can increase the quality of your posts and the organic reach – more easily than you think. There’s also a good chance that by linking to another page, that page might later on return the favor.


5) Don’t over-sell

As already stated in our previous post about the latest Facebook Algorithm change, all overly-promotional organic posts will have a smaller reach.  Avoid typical sales CTA’s, such as “buy now” or “limited time only”. Instead, post about relevant topics, trends, styles and tips. If the reader is interested, he will continue to your website anyway.


6) Include hashtags also on Facebook

Hastags are not just for Twitter and Instagram. With the new Facebook “Search” option, people can find your post when they are looking for a specific hashtag or topic, even if they’re not following your page yet. You might be surprised about how many “external” readers your posts can gain with the power of a simple # -sign. But remember, don’t exaggerate or you fall back to the “overly-promotional” category and end up decreasing your reach after all.


7) Boost your posts

This cannot be said too many times. From now on, post boosting and Facebook Advertising will be a necessary addition to anyone who is serious about their Facebook Page.

You can choose whether to target your ads only to your current fans (and thus increase your “organic” reach) or, if you want, to include similar people through look-a-like audiences or interest targeting. You could also create a Custom Audience of your website visitors and find them on Facebook.

Allin1Social boosted post reach


You can get started easily with Allin1Social’s Boost option.  It automatically tells you, which are your best performing posts – the obvious choices for your first ads. Try it out, it’s a simple feature, and you can easily pick the post to boost and the audience to target.

With Allin1Social you can also plan, create and schedule your posts, monitor the performance of your social media channels and follow what your competitors and industry influencers are doing, to stay on top of the trends and ensure your organic reach stays as high as possible.

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To sum it all up, making sure Facebook ranks your posts high for a good reach, just keep your content relevant and interesting, and try to trigger engagement and interactions. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?







Facebook is decreasing organic posts’ reach again

How to adapt your social media strategy?

Allin1S Facebook reach

Facebook is going to start restricting the reach of brands’ unpaid, or organic, posts that the Facebook algorithms consider overly promotional. The scope is to ensure to have only the best content in people’s news feeds.


The criteria for a post to be considered overly promotional are the act of pushing people to buy a product, install an app or enter a contest, and sweepstakes or posts that are just re-purposed ads.


The organic posts are going to be evaluated with the same filters as ads, e.g. by checking how many people hide them from their news feed. The Pages that post this kind of promotional content can expect to see a significant decrease in their distribution, but most of the Pages won’t see any change in their reach.


This new change in the Facebook algorithm is pushing some brands to using more promoted posts and paid ads to compensate for the shorter reach of the unpaid posts. This might end up increasing the prices of the ads.


That’s why you should focus on the importance of strengthening your organic content strategy, and, at the same time, supporting it with a strong Facebook advertising strategy. Both of these goals are achievable through the use of Allin1Social and our partner, Social Ads Tool, the Facebook Ads Management Platform.


This is the one truth on how to succeed on Facebook today – you need to focus on high quality content at the right intervals for the highest engagement rate. You can optimize the engagement rate of your posts in Allin1Social and boost your best performing posts in your Facebook Ad campaigns automatically with the Page Booster tool on Social Ads Tool

Why is it so important to know about your competitor’s social media strategy?

Keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing in their social media strategy is extremely important, especially if you share the same target audience. Here are the main reasons why you should always be up-to-date about your competitors’ social media strategy and activities:

  1. GET INSPIRED. If you’re struggling to create a successful social media strategy or to produce engaging content, the best place to look for help and ideas is on your dear rivals channels. Your competitors have most probably done the hard work and figured out a good action plan,  so all you need to do is analyze it and implement  the parts that you feel would work the best for your company – with your own creative touch, of course.

  1. WHAT TO DO. Your competitor’s social media behavior is a great reference when it comes to deciding how often you should be posting on different social media channels, and which types of updates to post.  Compare their posting frequency on Facebook and Twitter, and see which types of content have been the most successful ones – most probably the same guidelines work for you too.

  1. WHAT NOT TO DO. On the other hand, competitor analysis might also reveal what NOT to do on social media. See what kind of posts aren’t performing well, and try not to make the same mistakes.

  1. SPOT OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS. Your competitor’s customers’ opinions can give you hints about development opportunities or hidden threats. If someone is complaining about an issue, you can do your best to improve your own performance in order to avoid the same issue, and to improve your customer experience. In the same way, if your competitor is doing something innovative and successful, you can be the first one to implement a similar, and an even better, strategy – just remember not to copy, but always add your own unique touch.


Analyzing your competition actually means analyzing your own brand, and learning about your best competitive advantages, as well as opportunities for improvement.

After an initial, comprehensive analysis, it is important to keep monitoring your competition on a regular basis. Monitoring all the different platforms of your competitors can be time-consuming and confusing, so the Comparison Tool on Allin1Social can really come handy for a clear, structured report of your chosen competitors’ activities.

With Allin1Social, you can instantly export visually rich social media dashboards in PDF or excel – ready for sharing with your boss, colleagues and clients.

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